Apart from the city tours in Darjeeling, there are many off beaten destinations and as well as the adventure activities in Darjeeling to kill your holidays in the hills. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Darjeeling “The nicest place in the world” by visiting off beaten destination by trek or by renting the motorbikes and enjoy the thrill of mountain biking in Darjeeling.





Explore the untraveled path in the off beaten villages in Darjeeling. The homestay trekking in Darjeeling we provide is away from the hustle and bustle of city life and heavy traffic and puts you in a world of unique culture. You will explore the breathtaking nature of the mountains in a cozy and peaceful environment and experience the best of Nepalese and Sikkim hospitality. Our guests get rural accommodation in simple but warm family home-style and are spoiled with local food.

By living with the host family, you will be both a part of the local population of this region, as well as learn about their history, culture, social communities, food, festivals, etc. You can spend the time of your stay in such a way that you are mostly with the host family or you can also spend more time with yourself as you wish. It’s the easiest way to learn about the culture and life of the locals. In this way, you can make friends with the local people and stay friends for the rest of their lives. You will experience many exciting moments, such as short walks, village tours, exploring tea plantations, picnics in rural lodges with local food without abundant masala or hot spices, much better than hotels. You get to know the lifestyle of the population best by participating in one of their jobs, eg. B. in the simple biological village kitchen to help to cook.

Homestay Trek in Darjeeling





If you have limited time and wanted to hike to see the natural beautiful green parts of Darjeeling we offer you the short hiking trip to Darjeeling – Tumling – Tonglu Trek which covers more places within a short period.

These trek cover local culture, tradition, Mountain views, and world heritage sites Situated at an altitude of 2050M up to 3070M is very interested and significant located between India Nepal border, Southeast in Darjeeling District.

Tumling is a tiny village or a hamlet in the eastern Himalayas, located at an altitude of 9,600ft and on the way to the popular trekkers’ destination Sandakphu. From Manebhanjan where the trek or the Jeep safari starts, Tumling is at a distance of about 13kms. As you approach Tumling, you will notice small cottages and huts from a distance. There are probably only 10 to 12 Nepali families who live here. There are also few private lodges and huts that have come up here to cater to tourists & trekkers heading towards Sandakphu.

Right at the center of Tumling, there is a lovely viewpoint which is more like an open field. From the edge of this area, you get magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga snow peaks. On the far left is the Sandakphu peak. There is a signboard here pointing towards the Singalila National Park ahead. Entry to the park is about 1km from Tumling.  Tumling actually is part of Nepal although there is no restriction to visit the place for Indians or even foreigners with Indian visa. In fact, the border between India and Nepal in this part is quite blurred and it’s kind of a freeway for all. You won’t know when you are crossing the border.  During winter (December through February) there can be heavy snowing in Tumling and it gets covered with thick snow. While trekking is possible during winter (requires adequate trekking & snow gears), vehicles may not be able to ply beyond Tumling as the roads can get blocked. The viewing area in Tumling is just a small elevated land with a couple of concrete benches which have not been maintained for years. Often cattle like cows, ships etc are left loose by the villages for grazing. Sometimes several goats or even roosters would be sitting on the benches instead of human beings. But on a clear day, the view around is awesome. Kanchenjunga snow peaks appear to be at a stone’s throw distance. Many Buddhist prayer flags are hoisted at the viewing area that flutters in passing breeze. The locals believe that fluttering of the prayer flags brings in purity and holiness to the area. During peak winter the view area gets completely snow covered. Close to the viewing area, you will see the trekking trail of Tonglu coming from a higher altitude and merging at Tumling. This gravel road is used both by trekkers and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

What you can expect besides the views of mountains is a mesmerizing view of a valley from above the mountain which is absolutely breathtaking. You can also explore the culture and tradition of the local people. If the weather permits then one can witness the landscapes of two different countries (India and Nepal) from the border, where at one side we see a beautiful forest area and at the other side there are village settlements.


Trip Highlights

  • Explore local culture, tradition, food with a Buddhist monastery
  • Stunning views of the Himalayas including ranges of Everest and Kanchenjunga (on a clear day)
  • Hiking thought Singalila National park
  • Hiking at between India and Nepal border
  • Hiking through a rhododendron forest
  • Views of Darjeeling and Nepal valley

Darjeeling – Tonglu – Tumling Trek




The Darjeeling hills provide lower altitude mountain biking options. Typically tourists start mountain biking from Siliguri/Kurseong or Mirik which are within an hour and a half drive from Bagdogra Airport. In 5 to 6 days the popular destinations of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Lava, Loleygaon is covered. Although there are no typical biking trails in the region, there are numerous less trodden roads which are ideal for biking. Our biking programs cover these routes instead of the highways. You may combine Sikkim or Dooars along a biking trip to Darjeeling. Occasionally people prefer to combine both; the entire region can be covered in a trip of 15 to 18 days.

Mountain biking in Darjeeling are organized each year especially in spring and fall, usually in April – May and mid-September – October. Individual mountain biking in Darjeeling is offered year-round upon request. Tours can be planned in combination with adventure in Darjeeling and tours by jeep. Sikkim’s recent best adventure product is mountain biking. The rugged and dramatic terrain of Sikkim Himalayas offers sure and exciting biking trails to the adventure lovers. The beauty of the countryside, flora and fauna and lifestyle of the Sikkim’s people is best experienced on a bike’s seat as you meander through lush green hills. This is a relatively new sport that Sikkim boasts of and many have lured by the exciting thrills of this outdoor fun. There is no specific season for mountain biking in Darjeeling. Many have enjoyed riding their bikes during monsoon in slushy dirt road too. Every time there is different fun and feeling.

Mountain Biking




Ride up to one of the highest hill stations in India home to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway World Heritage Site and of course the mighty Kanchenjunga; the world’s third highest peak. If you want to see Darjeeling and surrounding areas on a motorbike, we have two options. Either you can take a guided organized tour or take a motorbike on rent. We have a large variety of Royal Enfield in good condition. There are plenty of amazing terrains to explore in and around Darjeeling including tea gardens, villages, mountain landscapes, and sanctuaries.  Take a leisure ride at your own pace, have a map to chalk out your route through the mountain landscape or just get lost, stop at any place you want and have a cup of tea while chatting with a local … the opportunities are plenty.

We provide motorbike tours and rentals for Darjeeling, Sikkim and other places.

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